24 April 2011

Uphill from now on

With virtually all the gimme's in the bag, barring Swift, Common Tern, Spotted Flycatcher (much later on), it looks like it's going to be a long summer. Today the Whinchat finally, hah! its only April I must remember, graced the broom fields, and after half an hour of chasing singing I pinned down a Garden Warbler. With Jonno's Reed Warbler on Alex, the second bird currently on site, what's left to get... .... we said this last year and sailed through the targets we thought possible, but its going to be hard work (early mornings) and a lot of luck, and in that case anything can and probably will happen. The exciting thing is you just don't know what.

This morning was beautiful and things looked good for a big score on the flats, but then it went, er, flat. Not perturbed Steve and I wandered through the park, first stop of course Shoulder of Mutton for RW 1, probably the same bird as last year, who sang unrequited for 3 months before jacking it in, hopefully a young warblet will find him and make warbles together.

On Heronry a match has been found for GC Grebe no.3, and who knows we may get humbug baby grebes floating around before too long. God knows what the Egyptian's are up to, and I apologise unreservedly for inferring anything against either as apparently they have a nest somewhere up a tall tree.

Not a lot was happening in the Park either, so we went off patch to find nothing much happening elsewhere. However Fairlop has a Sedge Warbler singing from a Blackberry bush, and I want one.

On the way back I couldn't resist stopping by RW1 just to reassure myself all was well. He promptly shut up. All's well.

Erm they have some big roosters in Essex!

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