27 April 2011

All going a bit Pete Tong

It's all gone a bit samey down on the patch; the cold on Tuesday took me by surprise and kept my hands firmly in my pockets. At least the crowds have gone, leaving just a few strange men loitering round the broom patch, and of coourse the packs of un-stewarded dogs roaming the skylark fields, and the litter that marks the true appreciation of this "local beauty spot" by its myriad of users. Maybe it will be cleared by the time the next wave of shits arrive this weekend or maybe it wont. The fair's gone too, so we get that bit of cut up ground back.

I thought we'd be in for a Whinchat bonanza this week, but the solitary male scarpered Sunday night. The male Wheatear was replaced by a female on Tuesday and by Wednesday she'd gone too. Absent too, were the Lesser Whitethroat and the newly arrived Garden Warbler. The Reed Warbler on Alex only stayed the Sunday, so to get my fix I had to pootle round to Shoulder of Mutton.

Two Willow Warbler became one on Wednesday but showy enough for some pics and now I am struggling, don't want to go to work. Can't wait for the Royal Wedding, though I might miss it due to finding much better things to do.

On the plus side, someone reported a Little Egret carrying "nesting material", so that's something to look out for, in between looking at every bloody feral pigeon in the hope that it isn't and is, instead, a stunning Turtle Dove, which would be nice.

No bloody Swifts either, but some of these which aren't House Martin really - well at least till Mr Lethbridge has seen one.

Don't know what this is, but I am pretty confident it's not what we went looking for at Dungeness on Monday though it probably has the words "hairy", "vagrant", "emperor", and a few others thrown in. Couldn't get too excited by the beast at Dunge, but this is the first on Alex and so it rocks, er or something like that.

Still no pics of the Reedy so have another denizen of the reeds...


  1. Have the same problem at Leyton Flats, dogs, litter etc, almost wish for bad weather to keep people away. I went for a rare stroll to Wanstead Park last week, noticed a Mink on the Roding, it might be worth trying to get this trapped, it could decimate the riverine species.

  2. We have reported the Mink to the park's wardens who say that plans for the removal of such vermin are on hold at the moment. Might just try and steal that Eagle Owl that's terrorising Hunstanton, and even if it doesn't like mink it might snap up a few yapping doggies