1 March 2011

Waiting for Wheatears

Apparently of late I have been going off topic, for which I have been fined the princely sum of a week's worth of Doubledeckers. I suppose I'll have to go and do my own thing for the other wild tales I could relate, but isn't this what happened to The Beetles. In which case I am Ringo!

Back on side and following Jonathan's wish for Wheatear, I bring you some visual aids for those wishing to join the happy reunion of Wheatears (and other migrants) and the flats.

OK its an autumn bird, but the gist is that they are here soon, and that's about as scientific as it gets.

So what do we deduce from the above: it's easier to see both Ouzel and Redstart in the Autumn. Getting the hang of it now?

So not much chance of a Spotted Flycatcher till Summer's out...

... but Tree Pipit sometime soon.

Lastly Whinchat, which when you put it altogether gives you...

And finally February: Things moved on with only a few things missing (Buzzard, Stonechat, Lapwing other interesting fly-overs) and a few interesting birdies: Tree Sparrow (must take more interest in our sparrow population!), Med Gull, and other gulls (whisper it quietly!), and the female Goosander. The Little Owl was rediscovered, and Waxwings brought joy. The best, however, is yet to come. Bring it on!

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