5 March 2011

The trouble with Rainham

No I am not going off topic here, I was thinking about going to Rainham, as is my wont of a Saturday, but I am actually quite bored of it. Of course if I lived next door to it I'd be out there all the time, but even then it does seem that Crayford has greener grass, if you get my drift. It's perhaps that there are very few ways to go around Rainham, while here on patch 1 (and 2), I can go where I like and just about when I like and I can jumble it up a bit so it doesn't get too samey! Even then the day's are still not long enough - I've hardly been into Bush Wood.

Today I thought if things go badly I can nip off where I like, but I didn't, the patch held my enthusiasm till I it got dark and I got knackered.

Next week I reckon the broom fields will be heaving, but today only a few brave Skylark and Meadow Pipit ruled. Some Siskin flew over as I walked along the north side of Long Wood, and the Redwing were still practicing their songs in the scrub by the brick pit. Across the road in the SSSI I found a party of Redpoll in the birch. Dainty feeders, but messy. In motorbike wood, there were more birds feeding on the fallen seeds than in the trees themselves.

I am actually quite pleased with these. Now if the sun had been out and I'd been in the right position...

Since the pictures hadn't turned out as horrid as expected, I thought I'd go for the Siskin in the park, however they didn't play ball and so had to make do with an industrious Lesser Spot instead. While I waited for that photo op I was entertained by small flocks of Redwing crashing through the Dell going mad for the Ivy berries.

With a few hundred seemingly pretty goodframes I thought I'd try and improve on my Waxwing shots. Luckily there was only one to choose from and it remained bolted to its branch showing complete indifference to my efforts to sidle up to it.

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