31 December 2018

The top 10 birds of Wantead 2009–2018: No. 4

No. 4 Red-backed Shrike  (28th August–7th September)

Former breeder, now very rare

Probably bred in the Old Sewage Works up until about 1950.

A juvenile was trapped and ringed in the Old Sewage Works 1st November 1980

A crowd pleasing immature Alex scrub 28th August–7th September 2018

Dreams can come true, but I didn't think it would stick the night yet alone 10 + days (it might have been spotted a week earlier than when I caught up with it) wowing an appreciative audience as it flitting around the pub scrub,  between perching out in the open to give great views and disappearing for long periods.

Sean K:  "I remember the one Colin Plant ringed in the 1980’s as it was reported in the Newham Recorder"

Rob S: "A better birding experience than the Rustic Bunting but just pipped to the post due to rarity"

James H: "Almost certainly the stand-out bird for the year will be a stunning, long staying Red-backed Shrike. I was lucky enough to have great views of it early one morning."

Patrick Hart 30th August, 2018

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