5 April 2015

The Patch from the air

I was on a flight the other day, a rare occurrence, and the plane just happened to bank over the patch. I was playing Angry Birds on my tablet and had the presence of mind to switch it off and hope that I could find the camera icon quickly. Happily I could, and so in glorious technicolor here is Wanstead Flats and Wanstead Park The round lake on the left is the Basin, actually part of the Golf Course, and the longest think pond you can see is Heronry (And the white blob at the top of it is the Tea Hut!). Moving right, over the Aldersbrook Estate, you hit the Flats. You can just make out Alex, towards the top with the obvious islands, and below it the large expanse of Wanstead Flats with the various copses. The motley collection of vehicles is the Easter Funfair (I may airbrush this out later...), with Jubilee looking like a race track just below it (it's not a racetrack, it's just an oval path for the drunks to stagger round). The two obvious tower blocks are the local murder hotspot, during the Olympics they had anti-dog missiles on top, though sadly they didn't see any use. "Woof!" - nyeeooooowwww "BOOM!!"

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