16 April 2015

Dan saves the day

 To hear that your colleagues, not five miles away, have themselves a Hoopoe does not necessarily fill you with optimism for the morning ahead.  Good that there are such birds around, but bad in that there a) not on your patch; b) it's probably going to top trump what if anything you do find; and c) it's not likely to come this away.  I am very happy for them, really! No really!

We were set for the worst case scenario with only the RLP, which had managed to survive into day 3 in the Dog Caliphate, in the plus column.  Then Dan nails a stonking male Whinchat as he's leaving the flats by the Dane's Rd School scrub. Luckily I was in the SSSI so I yomped over, needless to say so did Bob.  Good to see a bit of serious competition going on, though of course there will be other Whinchats easier and closer. Dan's back in school next week so we need a few more goodies from him before then...

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