28 January 2012

Plodding the Patch

Put in a few more hours on the patch today, it's a real shame that weekends are all that I have. That said, we're gaining an extra three minutes a day at the moment, and in another two weeks the morning will be twenty minutes longer. Possibly that's enough time for an hour on the Flats every morning before work. We shall see. Mid April is when it all kicks in though - migrant arrivals, and sunrise at 6am, with birdable light some time before that. Can't wait.

Anyhow, for my troubles I got a new personal high count of Pochard on Heronry, with 54 birds. Great ducks Pochard, with this many in the Park, surely I must get a garden fly-over one of these days. Heaps of activity in the Dell, Siskins and Chaffinches galore, and a male Kingfisher at the far west end of Heronry flew down into that bit you can't get to. See here for a lucky pic.

Big Garden Birdwatch this morning produced 28 species for my garden, not all of them countable as fly-overs not allowed. There go my two Great Black-backed Gulls then. Yep, two! Sensational! With a seemingly miniscule Herring Gull in tow.

Some of the superflock

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