26 November 2011

Wanstead catch-up

A few things I neglected to add in my last post. Spoke to the wardens today who said that 2 Mink had been trapped in the last few months, but that further trapping was being postponed for the moment.

It also appears likely that the money coming from the police muster station will go towards repairing the Jubilee pond - good news for, er! people who repair shoddily made lined ponds.

This week Stevey T got a Lesser Spot at the top (west) end of Perch, while waiting for the Water Rail to make an appearance.

Pied Wagtails have taken to the newly mown bits of the flats, with ten plus birds being seen on occasions...

A flurry of finches in the old sewage works...

... and that's about it!

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