2 October 2011

... and it's June again


It's June again, except for the better weather (now rather than then). Back from Shetland I had longed to get back on the flats and in the park to reacquaint myself with the Wheatear, Whinchat and Spotted Fly and the supporting cast of warblers. There weren't any, but what there was were people. Probably more than whole population of the Shetland archipelago, and their hideous dogs, children, toys, games and rubbish; none of which I had missed one bit.

I gamely had ago at kicking some cover and "swishing" half-heartedly but the magic of those northern isles had gone, and it was too bloody warm. Tony (Brown) and I tried to make a Dunnock into a Whinchat, a Robin into a Spotted Flycatcher, but it was no use June has tricked us and we're back in its thrall.

Can't say too much about Shetland, because as the title of the blog suggests, this is Wanstead, as far removed from the Shetland's as you can possibly get, unless of course your in the Scillies; and I can't say much about that yadda yadda....

Just a quick hello to my fellow guidees, who I know will now be following the blog, and a big thank you to Martin Garner (him!) for letting me prattle on about what a great patch we have. Luckily for all my camera broke on day 3 so no irrelevant insertions from there. Have this Robin instead...

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