27 November 2016

A selection of covers

It's that time of year again: organising the Christmas get together, choosing a cover for the next bird report, compiling everybody's memories of 2016 (their best bird, the event/highlight of the year, their predictions for 2017)–akin to herding cats!

By this time next week, the first obstacle will have been overcome, the hangover abated and everyone will have forgotten what they were asked/promised. The choice of cover may be done and dusted by then too, unless a really great photo opportunity comes are way in December.  So here a few from Jono and us lesser mortals to consider.

Stonechats were relatively numerous (this from early on in the year)

Or perhaps some of the unsung residents should get the nod...

To soon for a grebe?

Or perhaps a few of the birds that make Wanstead a standout patch in Spring and Autumn...

Always a tricky one to pin down, but the Yellow Wagtail is one of the commonest migrants across the flats

A record autumn for the Pied Flycatcher

Update: Tony thinks Valentino should be given the cover as he has now bcome so comatose as to be dead somewhere!

Massive bribes are always welcome

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