7 September 2016

August/September 2016: Week 5

Getting better.

Monday started the week as a bit of a grind: 5 Wheatear eked out over the whole patch and3 Whinchat saved the day; Tuesday a new Spotted Flycatcher helped the meager returns; Wednesday and Thursday were of little improvement with only the addition of new Redstart(s). It was Friday that our luck began to change with 2 Pied Flycatcher and a similar number of Spotties being found in the SSSI, Bob chipped in with Tree Pipit (notably scarce this year and probably not surprising as large numbers have been recorded on coastal sites including the one patrolled by our own Dan H in Devon). Set up for the weekend?  We've been here before and ended up looking like chumps.  This time the Pieds stayed, Whinchats still stubbornly low in number, a couple of Redstarts, and a smattering of Spotted Flycatcher made the experience slightly more encouraging.

All pics Bob Vaughan

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