22 August 2016

August 2016: Week 3

Shifting slowly through the gears, a few stalls, but a bit of forward momentum going into week 4.  Spotted Flycatcher present all week, if not showing all week, fluctuating numbers of Willow Warbler–dependent on finding the roaming Long-tailed Tit flock in the SSSI, only 1 Garden Warbler, but the first Whinchat(s) and by the week the first record of a Tree Pipit for the year and only the second Wigeon,

The patch race is becoming interesting again with a right tussle for Bronze and for top prize.  Bob's closing the gap. Tony and Jono are nip and tuck for third place, with TBs strike rate around about 2–3 (visits against numbers of birds) while Jono is at 97, so probably doesn't need to appear on the patch again to reach 110*.

And maybe we'll get a few more of these in the coming week...

* A bit of license here for comical effect

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