13 July 2016

Ruby Tiger: New favourite moth

I don't find many large moths: Silver Ys, Mother Shipton, Burnett Companions–and I don't possess a light trap so I don't get to see many either.  Last year's moth night at the temple was an eye-opener where I managed to catch (in my hands) an Elephant Hawk Moth and got to see the beautiful Leopard Moth close up for the first time.  Today I was looking for Bee Orchids or at least trying to find ones going to seed, instead I stumbled across what I think is the most beautiful moth I have seen ever–a Ruby Tiger.  Evidently just emerged it was to say the least a bit sluggish and loathe to do anything really.  Except when I picked it up and it immediately made a rapid bee-line for my red hoody where it felt rather less exposed.  Apparently quite common, though I've never seen on to my knowledge, it likes the plants we have rather a lot of: brooms, ragwort, dandelion and dock.  Who cares phwoarr!

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