10 April 2016

Redstart to the month

Male Redstart have been seen every day since last Sunday (3rd April), on Friday I suspected their might be 2 birds, Saturday there were probably more than the 9 found (including 1 in Tim H's garden).  Today unsurprisingly they were thin on the ground, I didn't make it to the park as I was tempted by a Razorbill at Rainham soon to meet it's auk-maker, but I suspect they had all sallied forth in the night too.  On the plus side Mr Lethbridge found the first male Wheatear of the year, which was very good, which was also not friendly which was not so good. What has happened to them? Where have they gone? Are there any more coming?

Usually we get lots of Wheatear and few 1-2 day Redstart.  This year the reverse is happening, which makes me think that they migrate along more defined routes rather than a random broad front, which only needs a bit of a cross wind to move them away from their usual paths.  Redstart have been popping up all over London, whereas Wheatear haven't really. mind you I haven't noticed any big falls of the latter on RBA, so maybe they are just late.

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