29 July 2015

Getting ready to rumble

Things are picking up. A couple of days of massive Swift movement (Dan had over 600 yesterday, 300 was the very conservative count for Sunday, but it could have been twice, three times that number!), a few returning (passing through) Swallow and Sand Martin, a brace of Willow Warbler and now Garden Warbler have begun to appear–they could be our birds from the SSSI, but it seems more likely that they are passage birds as ours haven't been seen or heard for over a month. So the pan is on the heat, get ready for August....

Speaking of Dan, he announced to me, during the bio-blitz weekend, that he is moving to Devon to teach.  A sad loss for us as he is a great, modest, birder and a more amiable bloke as you are likely to meet. We will be having a drink for him in the coming weeks and probably a lot more without him.  Best of luck fella!

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