8 June 2015

Snakes and Ladies

A bit of an influx of Painted Lady over the weekend, with two on Saturday and three in the Old Sewage Works on Sunday, I am just surprised there were so few other butterfly about,  Meanwhile at the Little Tea Shop of Happiness, while having a less than fantastic raptor watch ("0"), I suddenly noticed this beauty.  It must have come through the very mouth of the sluice that I was sitting on!

"Oh look an eel", said some informed member of the public, and "Oh! A water snake!" another.  Happily all were very impressed by the little snake as it came ashore and swam along the edge of the lake.  My only concern that if it did make a break for the grass it would end up being a stick for one of the stupid dogs, or beaten with a stick by one of the dog's stupid owners.  Luckily it went into one off the large splits in the concrete curtain to wait it out for quieter times.

It was special, nearest I've been to one since my school days.

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