25 April 2015

Singing Wood Warbler

 Tony's done us proud again.  Sloping off after a morning coffee with prime task of bagging the Garden Warbler back on its old haunt, he only goes and nails a singing Wood Warbler. Rare enough in London at the best of time, rarer in spring and only Bob has heard a singing Wood Warbler on patch before. We others were heading off to the Alex to find something good there - well it felt that kind of day - when he called.  We hurriedly back-tracked.  After a bit of a scare we all caught up with the smart bird singing intermittently in the increasing rain.

Wanstead finest (left to right): Tony B, "Badger" Bob V, Jono L, Dan H (obscured by) Tim H, Stuart F

The poor Garden Warbler was largely ignored.

A good day was embellished by a smart Whinchat, 4 Wheatear, a singing Reed Warbler on Shoulder of Mutton, a Sedge by the Roding, an elusive Common Sandpiper on Heronry and lastly a Red Kite overthe Alex - who needs Hudsonian Godwits.

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