21 April 2015

Singing Whinchat

Our run of new birds came to an abrupt stop on Sunday, but today a Lesser Whitethroat made it's presence known, to me at least.  That leaves but a few more regular summer migrants to come: Hobby, Garden Warbler and Common Tern - and maybe a few odds and sods before we reach the sod that is June and July. There's still good reason to go out early doors and wander the flats,and today was no exception.  Jono found (refound) a corking male Whinchat down by the ditch that runs towards the Alex, where Saturday's bird was. Using the ditch as cover I thought I'd give it a go and see if I could improve on my woeful spring Whinchat images. What I hadn't expected was for the bird to start singing - a song I haven't heard since I was in Wales for the Marmora's Warbler a few years back. Well worth the wait and the wet trousers.

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