14 March 2015

Short-eared Owl (tufts it out)

It's been a pleasant but quiet week, but it's getting better.  Yesterday I added another Stonechat down in the Pub Scrub, but today was back to not much.  I was down by the Roding when a whoop of joy alerted me to Bob's creeping up on me literally and figuratively- he had spotted the Little Egret that had just flown over my shoulder and was already catching fish in the river.  "#72" he announced by way of greeting.  He followed me down to the Manor Park allotments just in case I found something that he'd have to come back for. Ha! Haven't found diddly for ages...

Luckily he had only just poured his cup of tea when I texted "Short-eared Owl south of Long Wood has landed", or words to that effect.  By the time he got there he found me prostrate at the alter of the remarkable bird now perched on a bramble by the enclosure. I had crawled 50 yards and now I need new trousers...

 The usual views of SEO

That'll be that then!

Owl overkill

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