29 November 2014

Beware of these dogs

Walking through the SSSI at about 09-00 this morning, I’d just got to the limes when I saw a couple with two large, pale, bull mastiff-type dogs. I smiled as the dogs barked (you get used to it on the Flats) and they were, ineffectually, called back so I ignored them, walking on with hands in pockets. The man said “Hello” and the woman said “It’s OK, they won’t bite” but I slowed as they were coming towards me and the lead dog jumped up and bit my right hand through my jacket. I hadn’t made any gesture or comment during this time. Embarrassed the woman walked on and the man slipped the leads on the dogs. I said "Hang on, your dog just bit me" and showed the man my wounded hand. They just walked off and although I said I would have to report the incident they were not inclined to give me their address. So I said "Smile" and took a picture:

My wounds are superficial, but this was through my jacket, which is now presumably less windproof. The cut on the edge of my palm is quite deep and stings three hours later. 

If I had been a child and flapped my hands or run away I hate to think what might have happened. These were big, strong apparently aggressive dogs off lead. My daughter is disabled and if they had leaped-up at her she would have fallen over which may have resulted in a fight. If you see these dogs please be wary, on the plus side their owners had collected their faeces up.

All I have to report is 4 Redwing, 8 Fieldfare and two Mistle Thrush around the brooms.


  1. Sorry about your hand! But well done for photographing and flagging. I was in the SSSI shortly afterwards and glad I didn't come across this foursome.