30 September 2014

That's owl for September

The title had been going to be "SOE that's it for September", but then Josh pointed out that it meant no sense whatsoever...

The month looked like it was going to end on a low, but then old Shorty comes and puts in a major performance easily surpassing the amount of time over the patch of all our other SEOs put together. 

Harassed by crows, Magpies, Starlings and to add insult to injury, bloody parakeets (who appear to be getting bolshier by the day). After they'd all got bored it just circled, finally getting higher and higher while drifting northwards. I reckon it was checking the place out for another time, it even had a close look at the brooms when it appeared it wanted to land.

Come on October and lets get another couple of biggies for the list before I decamp to Shetland on Saturday, and talking of that it would be nice if a certain thrush stayed and was joined by a few interesting mates, and the Eyebrowed Thrush can relocate to Sumburgh any time it likes next week....

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