2 September 2014

1-2 September: Lesser everything

1st September

I did imagine something would stick overnight just because of the weight of numbers, but all we could muster was four spotties, one Redstart, 3 Whinchat and a lone Wheatear.  Not only that many of the residents and long stayers upped and left too. The Cuckoo over the pub scrub evidently had the same idea; south and quick about it.  If anything Monday morning appeared more favourable to a fall than the sunny Sunday, but with northerly winds for the middle of the week the empty bushes could be heaving shortly.

2nd September

Back to school for Dan, but he did pick up a good few Pochard returning to Heronry (40) on his way to work and on his way home (45).  Shoveler (6) were in on the Alex, with another female Pochard and the frequent Teal, but duck is not what we want. We all know what we want and them buggers down at the scrubs have just got one, as well as Ally Pally.  So where is our Wryneck?

Even harder work today than Monday: the three Whinchat in the pub scrub was now one, though I did finally track down the other two birds in the grassy bit of the SSSI. Better for pics when they are not in such large groups and I am quiet happy with the Sigma 500ml at the moment, but still it helps to be dead close to the bird. No Redstart, just a juvvy Robin showing a bit of red on the chest giving me the arse in the enclosure, and happily no Reed Warbler.

There were, however, tons of Dunnock flying around and trying to look interesting and then very Dunnocky.

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