11 August 2014

Migging diary the next bit: August 8-11th

I had hoped for some star bird by now, but not a lot has happened.  Bertha was a bit of wash-out, but it's tail still flickers and so Tuesday could be the day for something more unusual than the two Linnets this morning. The burnt patches are not on fire either: one Lesser Whitethroat, the only bird of note.

Saturday I left Dan on his own, while I legged it down to Rainham for the Spotted Crake, which after two and a half hours sittingon a damp log finally gave it itself up as my 230th species for London, yay!.

As I was getting no reports from Dan I pressed him for some news.  He reported: "Quiet and windy.  No migrants and fewer of the usuals so I am going home!"

He could have been talking about today and Sunday and probably tomorrow, and the next day...

Last year by this time we'd had Common Redstart (5th), Northern Wheatear (8th), Cuckoo (10th), but this week maybe the first Spotted Flycatcher and Whinchat (19th), or more Pied Fly (20th), and then there's always Tree Pipit (22nd), and fingers crossed our first Stonechat of the year (also on the 22nd), then we'll be into Wryneck time....

Always the optimist

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