8 March 2014

A quiet stroll and an excellent sit

Hi, Jono here. The one who started this blog. The one who used to go birding in Wanstead a lot and now doesn't any more. Wansteadbirder? Yeah right.

So, today I went out on the Flats. It was fairly mild, it wasn't raining, there was nothing to twitch. A Chiffchaff was a welcome sign of Spring and a yeartick, and there I met Dan (fresh out of Waders), and Tony. Neither of them had seen much, and that state continued so we chewed the fat, engaged in some cynicism, and then Tony left. Dan and I went to check the Park, where we found very little indeed - a few lingering Ducks. Dan went off to convince a multimillionaire friend that Wanstead was a great place to buy, and I returned home to the terrace and a cup of tea.

I don't know why I bother going on the patch as predictably the action kicked off immediately. I had a Sprawk fairly early on, but much (much) better was a large Peregrine heading directly towards the Prof's sadly unoccupied house. I tried. Only the second sighting of Peregrine on the patch this year, and my sixth from the garden in ten years, so less than annual. And thus good. Buzzard was of course my primary target on this nice blue sky day, but it took another three and a half hours before one finally appeared, fairly low and heading south towards Forest Gate. The Red Kite never happened, and has been deferred to tomorrow.

Takes my total to a frankly massive 69. I have no idea if I am still last or not. I hope so. It's where I deserve to be.


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