19 January 2014

Tick and sit

Spent a happy few hours wandering around the patch this morning, by my reckoning my second visit this year, so it was a bit of tick-fest. Met up with Tony in the SSSI who had the same idea, but neither of us could find a Snipe. Not to worry though as Great Black-backed Gull and Kestrel were year ticks for both of us, as were Teal over at the Alex. It got better though, with a fly-over Cormorant whilst walking down Wanstead Park Avenue, and then a real mega, Grey Heron over the allotments.

Attempting to look for Grey Wagtail and Little Egret in the OSW, we came across the gruesome sight of a body in the Roding. The police were already on their way, and having nothing to add we didn't linger - not nice at all and something we'll probably remember for a long time. Needless to say no birds, but we lucked out with Siskin near Perch, and a few other bits and pieces on the way back towards Bush Wood. Coal Tit and Firecrest the targets, but both playing hard to get. Until I got home that is, when sitting having a restorative coffee overlooking the garden and what should fly across my line of sight? Boom! Coal Tit!

Coal Tits plural actually, as I've just downloaded the photo I nabbed through the window and there are actually two (count 'em!). Not a great photo, I just wanted to grip Tony off really, but the bird (only noticed one at the time) spent a great deal of time in my neighbour's conifer. Whether this is meaningful or not is probably too early to say, but if it is I'll definitely be charging an entrance fee.....

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