14 November 2013

Back to Bush Wood

With things unresolved yesterday it was back to Bush Wood again today.  Not only for the Treecreeper but, with the sun shining and the wind a bit tasty from the west, a good chance to clobber Firecrest and be sheltered at the same time.

The lure soon pulled in the presumed female Treecreeper, but the second bird was not about, and she wasn't getting riled by taping.  So I went further into the wood to the old pond where I had found her yesterday. A large party of Blue and Great Tit where foraging in the holly on the north side, and I could hear Goldcrest and a couple of Nuthatch calling to each other.  At one point a Firecrest hove into view, but always just out of shot.  Again a presumed female as the male would have been having ago at my head with the tape playing. I did the circuit and returned to my starting point just north of Belgrave heights and this time both birds came to the lure. Wouldn't you know it the male did a little bit of faux Lesser-spot.  Very quietly and not as strident as the bird on Sunday, more like the calls I had found on Xeno Canto.



As opposed to this

Jono said his had been quite voluble; hard to imagine for such a little voiced bird. I can see what he's getting at though, but I am still not convinced, as yet! Dan, meanwhile, has commented that when we heard LSW the only thing that was in the tree, which was the source of the noise, that he could see was Treecreeper.

Not satisfactory.  Stu will come and try and record the birds interacting with the tape at some point and maybe then we can get some resolution.

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