3 September 2013

Wryneck's are crap anyway, now Nightingales....

Oh yes, Dan and my "probable" Nightingale came up trumps this morning as it tried to shake the dew out of its feathers, on a damp misty autumnal morn. I have to admit I thought it was going to be another consigned to the bin of shame you didn't get a better ID/pic/view/go to specsavers etc. But after I managed to side-step all the vagrants it was there in all its, distant,magnificent nightingaleness. Of course by the time the posse had arrived it had finished shaking itself awake and disappeared into a large patch of broom behind the visi-mig point. I dutifully went and did the necessary and flushed three birds, I saw Bob and Jono follow the Greenfinch and the Whitethroat, while the Nightingale sailed over their heads and into the bushes by Long Wood. That's that then.

A bit of searching round the end of Long Wood gave me a few more glimpses and Jono a dash between one bush and another. Luckily Mr Fisher got them all on to it later this evening when it started singing quietly to itself. A Kind of lullaby before it went to roost. Happy with my effort I went off to look for something else down at the Alex.

It was busier here, Great and Blue Tit hurrying round the scrub, a Whinchat being hassled by Whitethroat, and a couple of Lessers thrown in. Looked good for something good, but my trance was interrupted by a text from Bob that a birder had claimed to have seen a Wryneck. Play it cool (as Bob had said) and wait for confirmation. I waited. Bob finally texted that he had seen it fly between the broom. Nothing for it, and no monster rarity by the Alex, I sauntered back to the vis-migpoint. Needless to say the bugger didn't show, or for the rest of the day. Rather like Wryneck No. 1 three years back. It'll be down by the Alex tomorrow, you mark my words. congratulations to James Palmer for his fortuitous return. Gah! as someone else might have said.

 Something for the ladies or the fellas down the wrong end of Bush Wood, which ever way your boat sails!

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