17 September 2013

A duck of little consequence

To the non-Wanstead patch worker maybe.  But patch gold nonetheless. The first in four years and one I have been waiting for since I started working the park and flats. Well done to "Duck man" Dan, and after all that's why we send him to school - just so he can do the park early mornings. I needed a pick-me-up after hearing the wonderful Great Snipe had got the wrong end of a cat. My morning, however, was turned upside down again, and by the time I got back on to the flats it had all gone quiet again, if anything noteworthy had happened at all!

Then I came upon the latest of the increasingly infuriating and stupid interventions of the City Corporation, who for some reason best known to themselves and decided to trash more habitat, this time just to the north of the main part of the Alex scrub.  Yesterday I got a Goldcrest working the brambles, today the brambles and birds had gone.  No doubt there will be more stupid vandalism as the autumn progresses.

The pochard brought up my 151st species for the flats and park and set off an avalanche of congratulations from my peers. 

Yup, still waiting!

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