16 July 2013

Death in the sun

My flat is currently hotter than Death Valley at midday, at midnight.  Not conducive for sleep, not for conducive for getting up early to trudge around the flats before it gets too soporific to continue.

Don't mind the heat so much it's the increasing number of twats it brings out into the open, and god are we all getting fatter.  Seeing someone within their recommended size to weight ratio is as unlikely as a Bridled Tern on the Angel pond.  Now I am overweight, but at least I can still see my feet and my gravitational effect on the surroundings is less than that of Pluto, some of these people are distorting light their masses are so large, though that could be heat haze I suppose.

Monday morning always bring deep joy regarding my fellow inhabitants of this planet.  The heaps of rubbish they leave, just to show what an enjoyable weekend was had larding it up on the flats, and now sadly the old sewage works.  Thanks Redbridge for ruining a place of solitude.

Just when you think things might be on the turn for the better it gets worse.  July sucks! High pressure sucks, bring on some un-settled weather.

Oh my god! A slim person, I am off to check the Angel for tern!

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