10 April 2013

It might be, just about, Spring, perhaps!

All is well with the world.  A lone Swallow flitting up the Heronry westward and the sun nearly shines.  I was so happy I had to give Natalia a little kiss. There was no one to smooch when I heard my first Willow Warbler of the year on the way back across the flats and certainly nothing available for full-on snog a few moments later when I picked up my first Wheatear on the patch.  Ah well!

Tomorrow!  And for the first time in ages I am actually quite excited and eager to get on to the patch.  Of course that is the kiss of death, and it will be shite, but at least there will be a Willow Warbler to get all emotional over. I bet there were Redstart there today 'n'all, but I had no time to check and maybe the rain will deposit a few ouzels to chase around.

No pictures of any of the new arrivals, so here some waiting in the departure lounge...

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