23 April 2013

... and the sun finally shone!

Saturday rounded off rather a good week. Four or five Redstarts, a few Wheatear, copious Whitethroat dripping off every bush and the first Lessers (just for me though), a good Buzzard day and the sun.  How good it is to feel that again.

The female/1st winter Redstart is still enjoying the east end of Long Wood.  On Saturday it was being chased by a male in his glorious best and while he proved irksome in the least to catch up with, Jono's mealworms did the trick for the more modestly plumaged young bird. She/it has been with us for 5 days now, and if it is a young male there may be no reason why it might not stay longer.

Still only the one ouzel and no more Whinchat, but with the first Swift up the Lee Valley can't be too long before they grace the sky with their crazy screaming.  A Hobby must be on the cards too, and every off score Blackcap to be checked and flyover dove to be scrutinised - it aint June yet!

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