9 January 2013


Only a short missive, but on the afternoon school run today, indeed barely 30 seconds into the school run, a Waxwing flew over the car at roof height as I approached the Tennis Courts on Blake Hall Road. Just the one, but that's all we need. T'was heading north. Hopefully many more to come, but it means that of four Waxwing sightings I've had on the patch, three of them have been either at home or a mere stone's throw. Highly jammy, the school run was only the second time I'd been outdoors the entire day, the first being the morning school run. For all I know there could have been a flock of Waxwings feeding in my garden the entire day, but I was busy valiantly earning a crust and thus glued to my screen looking at 13,286 records of equity forward contracts. Let me know if I'm boring you.....

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