30 October 2012


As I meandered down the old sewage works today trying to find something interesting.  Something interesting happened.  A young fox sauntered up the river path, not in the slightest bit bothered that some weird human was obstructing his/her free range. I gave him (I'll call him that for no other reason than I am calling him that) some free space so that he could make good his getaway, but he was not interested in escape.  Instead he followed me up the slope and on to the new path.

I stepped aside again, but he just had a nibble at his tail and yawned. Just as I thought I'd got a new lodger, he left the path and disappeared into the brambles. One of his eyes appeared to be somewhat weary compared with the other, but he had a good wet nose and looked healthy enough.  Good luck to him I thought, what with the Evening Standard trying to get public hatred stirred up against our wild canine friends.  After all they eat babies and cats, don't they?

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