20 September 2012

Juv Stonechat

Nice to see one of my predictions (see What September may bring...) come true, but I must confess I was worried I might not catch up with one of these this year.  Had me going too, I was expecting it to be just another Whinchat, but closer inspection and confirmation from Jono, meant that my second guess was right.

Crap light for a change, and guess who hadn't bothered to change any of the settings on the camera.  It all  means its back to the usual grim pictures.

When it did clear up and the sun shone, I found myself with the same Whinchat as yesterday and in the same bush, in the same pub scrub.  With much the same results. It would have been nice to have a 3 chat day, or even 4, but the Wheatear had buggered off and we haven't had a Redstart for over a week now.  I am not counting Robin either, though there are a lot of them about.

And that was about it, apart from an interaction with a dog owner who took offence to me flicking his dog with my leg that it was busy trying to interfere with.  Wanker.  When another doggy did the same I just scowled - the owner looked meaner than he did.

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