4 August 2012

It begins....

Wanstead's back.

Jono put a huge amount of effort in to bag 2 Crossbill over his garden, and the new Bird Finder General, Dan Hennessy, slightly more to get a Sedge Warbler on the 1st down by the Alex, and then a couple of Black-tailed Godwit, over his head and over the brooms.  Patch mega.

I am very happy for him, really!  Would have been happier if I had been the right side of Long Wood when he saw them, but cack happens!
The east end of Long Wood was becoming warbler central on Thursday, I caould have stayed alll day, but I wanted to get down to the old sewage works and needed a coffee.

As I supped a cup down by the Dell, I noted a bird scurrying upside down on an oak branch. Nuthatch, get in!

The sewage works quieter, but on the way back and searching for my long overdue Red-backed Shrike.  It hasn't turned up yet, but an early Spotted Flycatcher was.  Two ticks, oh yes!

Friday was quieter, but a showy and confiding Kestrel, kept Stevey T and myself amused for some time.

Dan promises a Greenshank next week.  Only if I am there mate!

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