23 May 2012

The forgotten patch

With all the doo-dah about silly birds  getting lost in this country and filthy twitching raising it's ugly head, the poor patch has remained ignored, like last year's toys. I've been across it twice before today - at night - so not a lot to report there then.

Today I managed a few hours, the flats were the same: the Willow Warbler could still be heard from the other side of Centre Road, fewer Swifts ploughed wide arcs in the sky, some Swallow still passing through and not a lot else.  I am now concerned about the House Martin that last year (and for many years previously) nested in the Aldersbrook Estate - not a sniff.  Please not another bird lost as a breeder to follow the Reed Bunting, Little Owl and an increasing list of others.

 In the Park our Reed Warbler has finally returned to takeover its Kingdom of the Reeds.  That cheared me up and better news was to follow when Steve texted me of baby humbugs at the grebe nest.

Redbridge Council have finally finished trashing the old sewage works, so that cyclists can get from Manor Park without getting too muddy.  Already its paying dividends, the tow path now is a minefield of dog crap, well done twats!

Today though the sun was shining, birds singing and the more damsels were on the wing.  Euphoria!

I watched a rather strange looking Chiffy flit over the river, where it was set upon by another stranger looking bird -  a large acro (see I know the jargon!) - having fluffed a recent picture ID I decided to send the images to the wise heads...

Probable Reed Warbler and interesting yellow bummed warbler.

Personally this is how I like my Reed Warblers

To their credit the pictures remained faithul to my standards of crap.  No sounds from either and no responses to the suggestions of what they (wishfully) should be as played by me.

But the fact that birds are still on the move means it aint all over and it aint June yet!

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