18 April 2012

Drip, drip, drip, little April showers...

As the drought restrictions start to bite we have, of course, rain.  Enough of it, but not enough of it.  At least its slightly warmer, or is it that I've just come out prepared for the worse.

Friday was so gloomy it was like walking through a blanket.  Surprisingly good for all that.  A couple of Shelduck over the Jubilee pond, which until the corporation turned the taps on was looking good for waders - a Yellow Wag somewhere in the gloom circling over said pond, and the first of the returning Common Whitethroat (then two).  A three patch tick day, can't be bad, and there was the air of expectation.  I should know better.

Sunday was dire, so we hoofed it off patch.  Monday, lovely but a tad bitter, the only highlight a Swallow hawking down the side of Heronry and a Wheatear somewhere I think.  Tuesday and the rain, having not come out prepared I gave up all too willingly and went back to bed.  Today, prepared, I squelched round for very little, oh that it was Tuesday!

The Corporation have finally answered our pleas for signage to warn of ground nesting birds, and they have surpassed themselves.  So far I've seen one sign, in an out of the way place.  I watched a lady dog walker walk passed it, eyes fixed firmly on the path.  After all if you don't see something it doesn't count, does it?

This is what it's like taking to dalk walkers about their responsibilities

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