9 November 2011

T dancing round the redpoll

Miserable weather for photography, crap photographer.

On the Alex (8 November), I thought I got a view of our Teal/Wigeon mash up, by the time the camera was out she'd gone. But then there were a couple of Teal, then three, four, five, six. The 4 drakes displaying like frenzy. Pure ballet.

So imagination required here...

Lesser Redpoll numbers are hitting new highs. Tim counted over 150 on Sunday between the Flats and the Park, and this week there has been a flock of over 60 feeding in the birch and broom of the SSSI. One in particular has caught the eye. Grey rump, greyer plumage and of a slightly larger size. I am not saying anything for the moment, until I can pin it down and get some good photos.

These birds are reasonably approachable and given some sunlight I might even get a passable snap, even if its just of the Chiffchaff.

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