24 June 2011

Horse Latitudes...

... or the doldrums.

Midway through June and I am wishing for autumn, or winter at least. Not that I don't enjoy getting out of a morning and having the patch to myself, its now that getting up that early means I've only just gone to bed. Nearly! A 20 hour day beckons.

I could do moths, but I have an on going war with the little buggers at home, with a colony who've taken a liking to my clothes and are hell-bent on eating my soft furnishings. I don't even like my clothes that much. Having said that I do have a moth trap, I call it my toilet and Mr Lethbridge is free at any time to come round and identify whats committed suicide in the bowl.

I do like some moths, the ones that live outdoors are fine. This one is a particular favourite.

So while Jono does moths, Tim has his bats, Stu his bird song recordings, I'll go for slugs. Easy to spot and capture digitally.

Or perhaps flies....

... but I think I'll stick with birds until there's more fungi about.

Last week I took my first guided tour of the flats with a very amiable Canadian couple, even got them a lifer in the form of a Meadow Pipit. Great field skills required there then!

This week a few early mornings, and I have to say it's not been all bad, but it's June so I'll take anything. Finally got the Lesser Whitethroat to pose, a few Shelduck over, an addition to the year list of a Common Tern flopping westward, a brief glimpse of a Hobby, young Reed Warbler and the list goes on, but your probably all satiated, so I'll stop.

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