2 June 2011

Another pair of Bins bites the dust

A quick visit today paid off when I got some amazing views of 2 Hobbies hawking over the Shoulder of Mutton pond. I did a bit of hawking dragonflies myself and got a rubbish picture of 2 mating Black-tailed Skimmers and then dropped my binoculars in the process, only from a few inches above the ground but they were knackered, so I threw them at the ground and destroyed them and accidentally killed the dragonflies (no, not really!) well I did throw them at the ground actually, must have looked quite funny to the family nearby, if somewhat alarming. Good job they were cheapies from Argos. Don't think I'll get any Karl Zeiss, mind you you can throw those at the ground a lot and they'd be still usable (probably). Oh and there were 2 Gadwall on the pond too.

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