27 May 2011

We're not dead, but the patch is.

So that we at least post something in May, which has been hugely disappointing on the migrant front, here is semi-update. In a nutshell, the summer (traditionally the poorest time for observing bird activity) has come very early. I may be talking out of my backside, but essentially the high pressure system and southerly winds that have dominated most of this month have allowed migrating birds to happily soar straight over our heads and onward to their breeding grounds without us getting a look in. C'est la vie I suppose, and from a personal perspective, constant sunny days have been gratefully received - I'm looking very healthy.

However, what we may be lacking in exciting passerine migrants, we are making up for with resident breeding birds, and that's what people should be looking out for at this time of year. Let's face it, there's nothing else to see! Anyhow, there are a few breeding successes to report so far. Most in evidence are Starlings which seem to have had a good year - look for browny-beige ones, they're the juveniles, and they seem to be everywhere. I've also seen goslings of both Canada and Greylag, Mallard ducklings, Coot and Moorhen chicks, as well as fledged Blue Tits, Robins, Pied Wagtails and Blackbirds. Happy days!

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