16 March 2011

New World Order

It has all gone very very wrong - look!

Does that look like a Wheatear to you? Exactly. That's because it isn't, it's a Little Ringed Plover on the shores of Alexandra Lake. This is hugely problematic. Wheatears are always first. Always. That allows me to construct - annually - blog posts about how I am waiting for Wheatears, why I haven't seen Wheatears yet, why the first long-distance trans-saharan migrant is always a Wheatear, why this makes me happy etc. Ad infinitum (no really). The first proper migrant every year has always been a Wheatear, and this year I have buggered it up by finding a Little Ringed Plover first. Don't get me wrong, it is a smart little bird, and a most welcome patch tick, but it isn't a Wheatear and that is just plain wrong. Bloody birds.

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