22 March 2011

A First with Grateful Thanks

A Small introduction as this is my first post.
I am Mike, (BucksMike on Twitter and various other places as I really come from Bucks and still spend a lot of my time there). I now live just up the road in Leytonstone and do seem to migrate to Wanstead park and flats to view the birdlife. I am a relatively new birder despite always having liked birds but not really been a keen watcher. That has sort of changed but my life list is still very short
Now the reason for this addition to this blog.
Having followed various blogs on the internet with regard to local birders I read about a certain woodpecker I had never seen but was often seen on the flats. I did have a few hours last week but no luck and met up with a certain Jonathan Lethbridge who gave me more than a few hints and tips about where to see one. Didnt happen but I tried again this morning
Like Mr L's post a few weeks back I was lucky enough today to be looking in East Copse when I heard a different drumming from normal. It was from West Copse so a quick trip over and first sight was a pair of GSWs in a tree then I spotted it, same tree and very visible. My 1st Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in same tree with the pair of GSW's.
Just to round it of as Mr L put, turn round and there on the grass was a Green Woodpecker so like him all three at once.
Jonathan, a big thanks for the tips and the invite to post on here.
Back to Bucks again tomorrow though

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