22 February 2011

Starting early

Decided not to go out today, for fear of burning out before the mayhem of March. So had plenty of time to catch up on what's about. Daniel of Redbridge Birds emailed us regarding a Scaup that had been reported to him from the Heronry on Monday. Sounded good. The reporter however was an 8 year old boy aptly named Samuel Bird. Could this be the hybrid reported from Valentine's that Jono we were asked. I was out on Monday but in a rush to get round and saw nothing of note in my cursary observations.

It would be fantastic and a tad galling if this little upstart had seen something that I should of. Mind you Jono's own son probably has a bigger lifetime list than my own - and he helped me onto to some Little Gull at Titchwell last summer (the Black Winged Stilt day), so perhaps it wouldn't be that impossible. I was probably a better birder back in my short wearing youth too!

So rather than chase really ugly gulls at Rainham I'll be back on the ponds, and I really would like the tyke to be right, but obviously for all the wrong reasons - patch ticks and all.

On other matters for two nights running I've got hints of an Owl calling on Earlham Grove, Forest Gate - presumably the same one Steve got in the little wood on the south edge of the flats. Mega if true!

Also in my spare time this morning I had a quick look at the stat counter that is part of this blogging stuff. The most viewed page? Yup my admission of being crap at gulls. Car-crash internet.

Postscript: Woo hoo I can do paragraphs - which means fewer or no crap pictures.

Ha! you wish

A morning what like it wont be tomorrow

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