13 February 2011

It lives!

Our errant Little Owl has finally put in appearance. Steve managed to track down the elusive bird to the western edge of Long Wood during the week, which is all the encouragement I need to get up at some stupidly early time tomorrow when I should be catching up on zeds. Work today meant only a few hours on the patch, more than enough time for Jono to pick up the Med for its 3rd day after some sterling work by two dog walkers and their 3 hounds who ploughed straight through the assembly of gulls we had been scrutinising with no luck for half an hour. Once the masses had spread over the playing fields the standout bird stood out.

Could have been a good day if the football hadn't started at ten, and I hadn't got to go to work. 2 Siskin over Cat & Dog, singing Reed Bunting and a male Teal circling over the brooms in the SSSI before flogging it eastward. We found a pair later on the Alex which gives me an opportunity to drop this one in I took yesterday at Rainham (as the sun shone I watched its green flash turn to a wonderful blue and back again).

While we watched the aforementioned gull, Tim arrived. He was doing a WEBS count, which meant I didn't have to take my hands out of my pockets, which was good. I tagged along down to the little tea shop of happiness where the WREN group were meeting. They invited me to sign their insurance claim form so I am now covered for the dangers that lie in wait for the innocent birder. Dangerous activity this!

With short time left at my disposal Steve and I trolled round the OSW with little success bar an extremely quick weasel crossing our path (4th mammal tick of the year). I wandered, lonely, and all at once I came upon a host of crocus... and a Goldcrest singing in the ivy.

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