2 January 2011

Where's Jono?

No way would JL want to miss the second day of the new birding year in Wanstead, its just not conceivable! He must have been kidnapped, and I reckon I know who by. Dog walkers!

Luckily he did not miss much. Steve Thorpe, my lucky mascot, failed me today. We got zip just about everywhere. But there's always the Little Tea Shop of Happiness and its cake!

On the plus side my flats list stands at 47 thanks to a pair of Pied Wags and the park jumped a massive two with a Reed Bunting in the old sewage works, the first I've seen on the deck in years, and a pair of Collared Dove.

Tomorrow a flying visit to the flats then off to Rainham. Things are going to get better.

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