25 January 2011

Shock contraction in UK economy

Georgie blames it on the snow, but I say bring back the snow and ice (and the interesting birds!). Yup the patch was not a patch on what it was in December (it was the best of times and it was the worst of times... [my literary bit for today]). I stumbled around it again this morning more in hope than expectation, and for a change I thought I'd get down to the old sewage works before it got too light. That didn't work. First a scan through the thousands of gulls for an interesting one, that never materialised, then a brief look round the Alex for lost waders, who remained that way. On the plus side a flock of a 100+ Jackdaw noisily greeted the morning dispersing over the park, then on Alex the unmistakable shape of a Little Grebe, which appeared to be in breeding plumage, bobbed up and down in the lee of the island. And that was just about as good as it got.

[Apologies for the naff picture above, but its the only way I can fathom of making a paragraph break.]

Met Jono by Perch, where we lamented the lack of screaming rarities and looked forward to the arrival of Wheatear, some 40 odd days away. And lest we forget what they look like here's an equally poor shot of one from last Autumn.

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