5 January 2011

Siskin salvation

A quick scurry round the patche(s) before work. Snipe back in the SSSI, a couple of Reedy Bs,and a lot of Redwing in a hurry to be somewhere else. Those that decided to pitch down in the scrub to the north of Long Wood were soon given the hurry up by a male Sparrowhawk, the first of the year on the flats. A picture of menace he sat up on a hawthorn while I struggled to find my camera for another hopeless record shot, luckily he was evicted by some garrulous Magpies so no-one needs suffer. In the park another larger looking bird posed all too briefly before Mpees got wind of him too.

Finally caught up with the elusive Siskin back in the Dell, couldn't see how many there were, but one's enough for now. With the ice retreating the Shoulder of Mutton was a pond again, and once more the favourite haunt of Teal.

A Coal Tit heard singing somewhere south of Heronry and that's three new to the patch for 2011. And if you think your getting off without a duff picture here's a Heron.

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