18 January 2011

Non starter

Having worked well beyond my bed time last night my plans for an early skipround the patch were thwarted by my ability to turn the alarm clock off in the dark. I had hoped to check out whether the Tawny Owl was in residence just south of the fairground, as heard by Steve Thorpe, or catch Snipe on the expanding Angel Pond near Capel Point, maybe I just dreamt about them. JL woke me much later to ask if I was wet, and that made not getting up all the more acceptable. Tomorrow the weather looks fair so its on with the boots...

... and this is the forecast for tomorrow! [you might have realised by now I do a lot of landscape shots; they don't move or fly away!] Just imagine the lamppost's not there. While not getting thoroughly wet through I did manage to buy a couple of acres of Scotland on behalf of the RSPB, good aint I? Ironic really: I pay for trees to be planted and now I am paying for trees to be cut down. Go figure! http://www.rspb.org.uk/supporting/campaigns/flowcountry/index.aspx

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